Have you heard about the “One Word Challenge”?

The “One Word” challenge encourages you to choose a single word that will guide and direct your life for the next year. Rather than making a list of resolutions that you may or may not keep, you simply choose a single word and this is your resolution. One word that you can focus on daily, one word that you commit to and allow to shape your life. This method allows you to live with purpose, challenge yourself to be a better person and hopefully at the end of the year, you have lived this word so much that it has become a part of who you are.

If you want to read more about this challenge, here is a list of great resources:

What is my ONE WORD?


One WORD Challenge

Confidence in my family, my friends, decisions I make, myself, my faith, my abilities, my skills, my words and my future.

What does this truly mean to me? By having more confidence in all the things I listed above, I believe I will enable myself to enjoy those things more, to explore every side of me without caring about opinions or judgment and to truly love the life I live and the way I live it.


Here are some of the ways I will be implementing my ONE WORD:

  • I will write a lot about confidence
  • I will read books that encourage confidence
  • I will speak with confidence…ALWAYS, or not speak at all
  • I will be confident about my decisions by doing the research I need to do, and actually making decisions boldly
  • I will speak about my faith without apology and I will live my faith publicly
  • I will get rid of any clothing that does not make me feel confident
  • I will keep a clean and organized space so that I will always feel confident to invite people over
  • I will surround myself with confident people
  • I will help others feel confident about themselves
  • I will do things that are outside of my comfort zone which I stayed away from because I lacked confidence

There are so many ways to use ONE WORD to guide your life.

Share your ONE WORD with me and let’s hold each other accountable over the next year.