October Monthly Favorites List

As a new addition to my blog arsenal, I will be sharing my faves every month. These monthly posts will display my favourite products, some items will be new finds while others might be old faithfuls.

Let’s get started!

October Monthly Fave Erin Condren

First up is my Erin Condren LifePlanner. I purchased this product in August and it took me a few months to unleash its true potential but I can say I’m finally there. I currently own two Erin Condren LifePlanners, one for personal life organization and the second for work. This has been so great in helping me stay on top of my growing to-do list with a 7 month old son. Read more about my first Erin Condren LifePlanner here.



Staedtler Pens!!!

October Monthly Favorite Staedtler Pens

I must admit that before I made this purchase, I was hesitant to spend $15 on a pack of 10 pens. I said, “what could be so special about them?” The answer is…everything!! If you write more than one line on paper daily, get yourself some Staedtler pens!! They write and glide so smoothly and make my handwriting look 10x better than it actually is. I’m not sure whether it’s the ink type or the thin tip but I love it! My favourite pen is currently my black Staedtler pen, this is coming from a girl who used to ONLY write in blue because I hated how words looked in black…. then I met the Staedtler and my life changed. LOL! I sound like I’m talking about the love of my life! Seriously, this pen is worth every penny, I bought a 10 pack coloured set and I can’t wait to head back to Michaels to purchase a set of all black pens as well because this is going to be my most used colour.


My “FRINGE Girl Boss” Pouch/Case

October Monthly Favorite Girl Boss Clutch

I am absolutely in love with this unique find. I wish I could provide a link/source as to where you can get your hands on one but this was one of those unique finds at Homesense (HomeGoods for Americans). Currently, I use it to store my ever growing Polymer stamps collections, (let’s just say it’s purpose is about to change because its bursting with stamps) and I love it. I purchased it with no plan for it, it was something I spotted and told myself I had to have it, it was only $10 and worth every dollar.


Barefoot White Zinfandel

October Monthly Favorite Barefoot White Zinfandel

Hands down one of the best Rose´ wines I’ve ever tasted. My husband and I bought this bottle while we were on vacation in Hawaii but never got a chance to open it because we didn’t have a corkscrew and jet lag got the best of us every night. We brought it back home to drink and my taste buds were blown away! I absolutely love the fruit flavours in this California wine. It’s a must try (if you’re of age, of course).


Cooking Dash

October Monthly Favorite Cooking Dash Game

I must admit, I am a gamer at heart and mobile games have ruined me. LOL! Here is my current mobile game addiction: Cooking Dash. My love for “Dash” style games goes back to my high school days when these games were online downloads. I fell in love with “Flo” games in high school and imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Flo in Cooking Dash earlier this year. I have been hooked ever since and my husband asks me at last once a month if I’ve “beat” the game yet….no hun, not just yet….(10 months later and I’m still going). If you want to see what my addiction is all about, download the game to find out.


That is it for my October faves! I can’t wait to see what I discover in the month ahead. If you have fun things for me, please share and as usual, leave any comments and let me know your October finds.