Oh my! How quick time flies! I feel like I just posted my December faves and it’s already time to share my January faves. January is always a month that feels like a blur. This year, we renovated our kitchen in January and it was extremely time-consuming. Look out for a future blog post on the DIY process of our kitchen renovation.

Let’s jump right in and reveal my favourite items in January!

Breville Milk Frother: $$$


I have always wanted a milk frother simply because I thought they were cool. In October 2016, we visited a friend who pulled out her milk frother to make an amazing hot chocolate and she removed any doubt in my mind. I was instantly sold that I needed a milk frother. Fast forward to two years later and I finally added it to my birthday wishlist. I could have bought any basic milk frother off Amazon but I really wanted the Breville Milk Cafe.

I have a love affair with Breville appliances so it was only natural that I wanted the frother. In 2018, I received this as a birthday gift from my mom (I asked for it specifically lol) and I have been using it non-stop since then. The Breville milk frother comes with two frothing discs; a latte disc for smooth milk and a cappuccino disc for thick and creamy froth. The latte disc is my favourite and I use it regularly for flavoured steamed milk. As a new fave, the Breville frother is extremely easy to clean (take that from a girl who hates doing dishes), small and compact, easy to use and quiet.




These simple storage boxes have become a staple in our home through my winter reorganization. I stumbled upon these boxes on one of my trips to IKEA during our kitchen renovation process. These boxes are AH-mazing!! They come in 8 different sizes that allow you to choose what’s perfect for your needs and for your space. I’ve definitely purchased at least 10 of these for our different storage needs; some uses are:

  • garage for storing seasonal decorations
  • our linen closet for storing candles
  • kitchen for storing water bottles and take out containers
  • storing extra kitchen and tea towels
  • storing extra linens


Why did these storage boxes make my fave list? They are lightweight, clear, plastic, reasonably priced and readily available. You can grab one of many sizes at your local IKEA to start storing your various items.


Masterclass Cookware: $$

I haven’t fallen in love with cookware in a long time (probably ever) and I can boldly say I have unlocked a new adulthood badge with the discovery of this brand of cookware. Masterclass cookware is one of the most durable cookware brands I have ever tried. The pots and pans are extremely sturdy with the right amount of weight, meaning they are a heavy enough to feel expensive but not too heavy that you dread using them.

I stumbled upon my first Masterclass skillet on one of my many “excursions” to Homesense (Home Goods, for my American friends). I bought this deep skillet simply for the purpose of making my son’s favourite Thai noodles. Well, since that day, I have acquired 4 more additions to my new Masterclass collection. My hope is to eventually replace our current Jamie Oliver T-Fal set with these new pieces, one pot/pan at a time. These pots and pans come in beautiful colours and styles often with wood handles that add to their elegance. The Masterclass line easily became one of my faves because of the quality of the cookware, the reasonable price point and the colour/design options. You can find this line readily available at TJ Maxx, Homesense/Home Goods, Marshalls and Winners.


Lands’ End Suede Moccasin Slippers: $$

Suede Moccasin

I ABSOLUTELY love these slippers!!!

When I bought my first pair, it was simply because it was on sale and I wanted to spend enough to get free shipping. I’ve since been back to the website to buy another pair for myself and a few pairs for friends and family. Why have I bought so many pairs? Easy. These slippers check ALL the boxes for me.

  • Comfortable
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Wear well with time
  • Cute colours
  • They keep my feet warm without being sweaty
  • They are quiet when walking through the house at night (you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find house slippers that don’t alert the neighbourhood of your presence)

I could go on but I think you get the idea. These are simply amazing! Grab a pair and you won’t regret it.


Yeti Rambler Tumbler: $$

White Yeti Tumbler

For a very long time, I was hesitant on buying a Yeti Tumbler, I simply did not see the purpose and did not believe it would live up to the hype. Well, was I ever wrong? This tumbler has been an amazing addition to my collection, I am actually about to purchase my second one. I love how sturdy this tumbler is and for someone like me who is incredibly lazy with washing dishes, this tumbler is very easy to wash. The clean lines inside and around the tumbler and its lid make it extremely easy to clean without needing extra tumbler cleaning skills. No hidden grooves, no nooks for your drinks to hide and get sticky.

The Yeti tumbler is also AMAZING at keeping your drinks hot for a long period of time. I used my Yeti on Christmas day to have some tea in the car ride up to the church, well the tea was too hot and I couldn’t finish it so I left it in the car on a very cold (below freezing temperatures) Christmas morning. We went into church for about two hours, came back in the car and my tea was still hot that I was able to enjoy it on the ride back home. Now, that is impressive. After using this for almost two months, I can confidently say it is worth the price tag and will remain a fave in my life.


Thank you for reading and I hope you find a few faves from my list. See you in a few weeks for my February faves!!