Today, I’m sitting in front of my laptop and writing something dear to my heart. I was on Instagram a few nights ago and found myself watching interviews with celebrities, one of them being Meagan Good and her interview inspired me and struck a spot of self-worth. This led to me writing a spew of nonsensical thoughts in my journal. I decided that the best way to make sense of these thoughts is by writing a blog post.

Let’s begin with the feeling of worth. Am I good enough? Like many people, I ask myself this question more than I would like to and more often than not, the answer is yes. If I know the answer, why do I question myself so much? Personally, my main triggers are friends and my career aspirations. These are the hardest areas for me to stand strong and solidify my worth.


In friendships, the question of worth rarely comes up in good times. It often creeps up when I feel a sense of competition. Am I competing for my friend’s attention? Does my friend seem less interested in my life? I have bought this battle of worth in many friendships and only recently did I come to a simple realization. The solution for me is simple, yes I’m good enough and a friend who is meant to be in life cannot be taken away.

To me, this means I do not force friendships, I do not force people to remain in my life. I truly believe that people are in your life for a reason, a season or for a lifetime and not everyone fits in the last category. This new outlook has allowed me to enjoy every friendship while I have it, it takes the pressure off feeling the need to conform to people’s standards to keep them in my life. Que sera sera.

Career Aspirations

When it comes to career aspirations, it’s far too easy to compare yourself to others. Career goals are easily measurable and that can be a danger because you can easily point to what someone else has achieved that you haven’t. I”ve wrestled with this both in the corporate world and in my current business. As a business owner, I can often pinpoint what others are doing better than me and sometimes this can create negative energy.

What I am learning to do is understand that what’s for me is for me and what is for them is for them. Neither of these things can be stolen. I cannot attain what isn’t mine and is mine cannot be taken away. By understanding this principle, I am learning to celebrate others more and to work hard and focus on my goals without falling prey to the comparison. After all, comparison is the thief of joy.


Leaving you with a few words. You are good enough. You are worthy. No one can take away what is yours. Love wholly.

When all else fails, count your blessings and you will feel worthy.