6 month update Alayo


Height/Weight: About 17 lbs and 28 inches.

Routine: He wakes up for the day around 9am, eats and plays for about two hours before taking his first nap. This nap has been getting shorter and shorter, right now it’s about 15-20 mins on a good day. He plays during the day and accompanies me on my tasks/chores for the day. His bedtime is around 9:00pm (give or take an hour lol depends on what we are doing that evening). He is able to self-soothe and put himself to sleep.His nighttime routine consists of: bath, massage, feed, story time, prayer in his crib, lights turned down, at which point he puts himself to sleep.

Sleeping: He still sleeps through the night for an average of 9-11 hours and usually takes one “good” (>1hr) nap a day a few 10-15 min naps here and there.

Eating/Feeding: He is formula-fed and has about 4-7oz every 2 hours with the exception of nighttime where he eats about 6oz and sleeps through the night. He will be starting solids through Baby Led Weaning (BLW) in about 2 weeks after our house renovation.

Sizes: Alayo is wearing 6 months clothing both in pants, tops/onesies and sleepers. He’s up to size 3 in diapers.

Milestones: Alayo has started sitting with a little help and standing with support. His biggest milestone this month is that he is able to hold a 2oz bottle by himself for brief periods of time before getting tired. He can reach out to grab the bottle to his mouth, hold it and keep it there. He is able to pull other people’s hands into his mouth and pull anything within reach, I assume this helps him with teething. He talks a lot now and has truly discovered his baby voice. He has no teeth yet but definitely lots of drooling and gum soothing. He brings his feet up to his mouth to aid in this as well. It has been quite an eventful month for this little boy and we love watching him grow and discover the world.

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