I can’t believe it’s been 3 months!! Time sure flies when you’re having fun.


Here is a quick baby update with a template from Anna Saconne. I’ll be sure to include a postpartum update next month.


Alayo 3 Months

Height/Weight: About 12lbs and 26 inches.

Routine: He wakes up for the day around 6:30/7, eats and plays for an hour or so before taking his first nap. He has two good naps during the day around noon and again around 4pm. He plays and eats in-between naps. He is more alert and wanting to play now. His bedtime is around 9pm (give or take an hour lol depends on what we are doing that evening). He is able to self-soothe and put himself to sleep.

Sleeping: Starting 3 days ago, Alayo started sleeping through the night consistently. He is now 15 weeks old.

Eating/Feeding: He is formula-fed and has about 4-5oz every 3-4 hours with the exception of nighttime.

Sizes: Alayo is wearing mainly 3-6 months clothing both in pants, tops/onesies and sleepers. Size 1 in diapers.

Milestones: He likes to move around and do different things. He is more alert and smiles in response to other now. He is also able to track others in a room with his eyes. He is able to hold his head up now with little to no assistance. He also enjoys bringing his hands up to his mouth.

Watch our 3 month video here.