Not much of a story to tell this week, other than saying that this little guy is super active during his awake hours.


24.2 Weeks Jan 4


How far along? 24 weeks

Total weight gain/measurements: Holding on to my 10 lbs. Around belly button: 37.5 inches! (from 32)

Clothing: The winter chill is here!! Finally enjoying my warm maternity sweaters once again. I must admit that I live in my black maternity tights, it is my go-to “pants” for going out.

Stretch marks? None!! Still using my personal beauty product line “Naomi Body Shea Body Butter”.

Sleep: Bloody nose is gone but stuffed congested nose is here, mainly at night. Still sleeping well overall with my Snoogle pillow. My husband would like it gone, but he needs to hang on for at least 16 more weeks.

Purchases: Bought a new bookshelf for the nursery and bought a new light fixture for baby with wireless smart home lighting for the nursery.

Highlight of the week: New Years with family!

Worst moment this week: 

Miss anything? Sleeping without a body pillow between my husband and I.

Movement: Daily but I think we finally have a sleep schedule going! He wakes up when I go to the bathroom around 6am and I think he stays up until I am finally out of bed and awake around 9am. He wakes up again around lunch and stays up until about 2pm. The final most active kicking time is in the evening between 5:30 and 10pm.

Food cravings: Cake! More Cake!

Food Aversions: None

Gender: BOY!

Labour signs: Nope

Symptoms: Hairy. Starting to feel really heavy.

Belly button in or out? Out

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Emotions: At peace.

Looking forward to: Relaxing and reading some baby books.