The weeks are passing by so fast. Christmas is only a few days away and this also means the year is coming to an end and I’m closer to meeting our rainbow little guy. I want to take a moment at the start of this post to address what the last two weeks have symbolized for me.

If you’ve followed our pregnancy journey on YouTube, you’ll know that we had a miscarriage before this pregnancy, hence this baby being our “rainbow baby”. We were initially pregnant in April 2015 and had a miscarriage in May 2015. This means two things: our previous baby was due to be born December 13, 2015 and our rainbow baby boy will be born a year to the time we had our first pregnancy.

My husband and I are so grateful to be pregnant again and looking forward to the birth of our child and I want to take this moment to tell anyone reading this who might have suffered from a miscarriage that there is hope. Things looked quite bleak to us at the time because we felt we did everything right, including prayer, but we never gave up. My husband has helped me strengthen my faith and know that God will never leave our side no matter what is happening. If you want to chat with me on this, please feel free to send me an email. I can relate.

Now let’s get to this week’s joyous celebration. 22 WEEKS!!!

22 Weeks Dec 21


How far along? 22 weeks

Total weight gain/measurements: 10lbs! (I think I’m finally gaining weight!!!!!)

Clothing: I’ve been loving my sweaters and whenever I’m home, my first inclination is to pull up my shirt/sweater and let the belly breathe. Hahaha

Stretch marks? None!! Still using my personal beauty product line “Naomi Body Shea Body Butter”.

Sleep: Not very well. I toss and turn all night because I keep ending up on my back and I’m starting to feel pressure when sleeping on my back. It also takes more effort to change sleeping sides, I now have to consciously be awake in order to successfully turn. 

Purchases: Just ordered baby’s crib today!!! Bought paint for baby’s room over the weekend. It’s getting real!!!

Highlight of the week: Choosing and buying paint colours for Baby’s room. 

Worst moment this week: Nothing I can’t handle ?

Miss anything? Sleeping without feeling restless. 

Movement: Daily but they seem more sporadic than the earlier movements which happened around a specific time of day. Can’t seem to figure out the baby’s new pattern. 

Food cravings: Beef Patties. 

Food Aversions: None

Gender: BOY!

Labour signs: Nope

Symptoms: Hunger pains are truly painful!

Belly button in or out? Out. 

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Emotions: In check lol

Looking forward to: Our next doctor’s ultrasound.  Painting the nursery over CHRISTMAS!!!!