2019 Purchases

2019 flew by like no other year! I’m fairly certain this was an extremely quick year. I took some time over the last few days to reflect and one of the lists I came up with is my favourite purchases of 2019. I decided to share my favourite and most-used items of the year with you all. For more details on my thoughts, watch my Youtube Video.

Casetify Cases

Casetify Phone Case

I upgraded my phone in 2019 (because my iPhone 7 plus stopped working). After my upgrade, I decided to try a new style of cases and ended up trying Casetify phone cases. Since trying Casetify, I haven’t looked back, I own three cases with more in my cart waiting to be purchased. These cases are durable, lightweight and come in many designs/patterns. They are wireless charger friendly and shockproof with 360-degree protection while allowing easy access to all ports and buttons. Overall, the cases are lightweight and fashionable without sacrificing the protection of your phone.

Casetify Phone Cases: http://bit.ly/2rIkq8z (save $10)


iPad Matte Screen Protector

iPad Matte Screen Protector

As someone who loves using Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro on apps like GoodNotes, I have come to love my matte screen protector. This screen protector is hard-coated, scratch-proof and includes an anti-glare coating to help with sunlight and reducing eye strain, all great features for a screen protector. My favourite feature is that the screen protector creates a matte paper-like finish which is amazing for the Apple Pencil. Since using this screen protector, I find that my handwriting on my iPad is much more legible and true-to-life. If you enjoy using your iPad for more than just watching videos, I highly recommend the iCarez Screen Protector.

Instant Pot Ultra

Instant Pot Ultra

Seriously, who hasn’t fought the Instant Pot trend? Every person I know tried to avoid the Instant Pot craze but eventually, people give in. I have yet to meet a single person that regretted it, myself included. This handy little kitchen appliance packs a punch and will revolutionalize your meals. If you’re anything like my husband and me, you probably forget to take your frozen meats out of the freezer more than you care to admit. Once you forget to take items out of the freezer, it results in takeout for dinner or a sub-par cooked meal. Well, let me introduce you to the Instant Pot!

This mini appliance allows you to cook your meals in many ways like using steam, saute etc… but one of my favourite functions is the ability to pressure cook foods from frozen! The pressure cook function is a time saver and often saves my family from eating out for dinner. The best part of the Instant Pot is that it is an all-in-one appliance; it can bake, pressure cook, saute, steam and help you cook a fantastic soup/chili with minimal effort. If this hasn’t convinced you, visit my Pinterest board for some amazing recipes I have cooked using my Instant Pot.

Becoming – Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s book was released in 2018. ‘Becoming’ spoke to me as a black woman to read her experiences under the microscopic lens of the world for over eight years. I enjoyed reading her experiences as the First Lady raising two young daughters while maintaining an inspiring role to many around the world. The book contains beautiful real-life images of the First Family before, during and after their time in the White House. Her book is a permanent staple in my coffee table collection for its overall simple elegance.

The Rose Garden – Susanna Kearsley

My favourite fiction read of the year goes to this historical fiction piece by Susanna Kearsley. This book was brilliant in so many ways, one being the attention to historical detail. Susanna does a great job of reeling the readers in and I couldn’t put this book down out of sheer interest. If you enjoy historical fiction with a hint of romance, I highly recommend reading The Rose Garden.

We Were the Lucky Ones – Georgia Hunter

I was never a fan of History classes growing up, so truthfully not much stuck with me. As an adult, one of the best ways for me to learn about historical events is by reading historical fiction. This novel by Georgia Hunter was absolutely mind-blowing and I learned so many things I didn’t know about WWII. My husband who knows a lot about WWII was also surprised to learn a few things I shared with him from the book. The only negative thing I have to say about the book is that there are a few too many characters. If you can keep a handle on all the characters introduced through the book, you will enjoy reading ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’. Be prepared for the details on horrific events of the war that might leave you speechless. Admittedly, I needed a few hours to recuperate after finishing this book.

Intimissimi Irina Bra

Bra perfection. Simply put, this is the best bra I have ever purchased in my 20+ years of wearing bras. This Italian-made bra is well made, soft, structured with no discomfort and lightweight. I could write more about this Intimissimi bra but once you try it, you will understand my love for it. In order to get your perfect size, I recommend that you purchase this bra directly from the Intimissimi website.

UGG Scuffette II Cosmos Slippers

Expensive house slippers at its finest. These Ugg slippers are beautiful if you’re a house slippers lover. They are comfortable, lux and quality footwear. I really love wearing the Scuffette II slippers around the house. They keep my feet very warm and plush through my daily chores. I was able to purchase mine during a Black Friday sale at 25% off which helps for an expensive item.

UGG Scuffette II Sparkle Slippers

I own three pairs of UGG slippers, the Cosmos above, the Dakota below and a pair of the Sparkle. My favourite pair is the Scuffette II Sparkle slippers because they are beautiful to look at, touch and wear daily. The Sparkle slippers come in a variety of colours and they are very comfortable for all-day wear. You can also purchase this at your local department store like Nordstrom.

UGG Dakota Sparkle Slipper

Soft and warm house slippers. These Dakota slippers are perfect for those who aren’t fans of slip-on slippers. I would suggest sizing up with these as they seem to fit a bit snug with the thick lining. Similar to the previous UGG slippers above, these are great for all-day wear.

Moneysworth & Best Deluxe Boot Shaper

My new favourite shoe accessory is these boot shapers. They are fantastic for preventing the sag/creases that show up on improperly stored boots. These boot shapers are sturdy and have been excellent for storing my boots upright while saving space in my closet.

Moneysworth & Best Boot Shaper

An alternative to the deluxe boot shaper above is these handled boot shapers. These alternate shapers are excellent at keeping the shape of your boots as you store them between wears.

Aquatalia Flore Tall Boots

My new everyday boots are these Aquatalia boots I found at Nordstrom Rack on a random window shopping day. These boots are waterproof suede boots that are extremely comfortable to wear all day long. The heels are low and sturdy which makes them great for a day spent at the mall. The boots come in black and brown. I have worn these Aquatalia boots on snowy days & rainy days and they have held up well through it all.

Wilfred Only Turtleneck

WIlfred Only Turtleneck black

After spending the last five years looking for a great staple turtleneck, my search is over! I stumbled upon these turtlenecks online during Black Friday and drove to the mall to try them on before purchase. I left the store with this turtleneck in two colours because it was just that amazing! It is lightweight which is perfect for layering but also warm on its own. I’m not sure how they achieved this combo that I spent years searching for, but they did and it’s perfection. The Wilfred Only Turtleneck available in many colours is literally the only turtleneck you’ll ever need, all pun intended.

Wilfred Twirl Skirt

Wilfred Twirl Skirt

Another amazing purchase from Aritzia. The Twirl skirt is heavily on-trend right now and Wilfred got if perfect with their design. The perfect material matched with the perfect length creates an amazing “Gone with the Wind” fabulous feeling! I just love this Twirl skirt and I own it in 2 colours. If I could wear this skirt every single day, I would.

Wilfred Only Slip Dress

Wilfred Only Slip Skirt

There is clearly a trend here with my clothing choice for the upcoming here, Aritzia. This slip dress is the perfect slip dress to create a capsule-style wardrobe. It can be dressed down with a knit turtleneck on top, it can be dressed up with a blazer or worn alone. However, you choose to style this dress, you can’t go wrong with having it in your wardrobe. Here’s a few style ideas I found on Pinterest.

Wilfred Montpellier Sweater & Sweater Dress

This Montpellier sweater & sweater dress is one of Aritzia’s top-selling sweaters and there’s a reason, it’s fabulous. The oversized sweater is extremely cozy and versatile. I often pair mine with skirts, tights, jeans, dresses and it looks amazing however it’s worn. I am able to dress this sweater down or up with the right bottoms and shoe combination. The sweater is available in many colours to suit individual styles.

Gucci Dionysus Supreme Mini

Gucci Dionysus Supreme Mini

The Gucci Dionysus Supreme Mini is a bag I hesitated to purchase but I am so glad I did. It is extremely versatile and not as small as it seems. It easily fits my iPhone XS Max and can hold more than you would think. The bag can be carried as a shoulder bag, handbag or crossbody which adds to its versatility.

Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack

Longchamp le pliage backpack

Finding a lightweight backpack, especially for travel purposes can be quite a task. This backpack has been a perfect travel companion for my family on our trips. It is lightweight and compact for packing but spacious enough to fit the items needed for a day out such as water, light snacks and battery packs. One of the best features is the ease of cleaning, it can be easily wiped clean after a day out.

Car Purse Hook

I stumbled upon these purse hooks earlier in the year and contemplated for a while before I purchased it. Once I put them in my car and started using them, I loved them. No more stopping and having my purse contents falling out. No more bag sliding all around the front seat. My purse now has a place to hang while I’m out for the day. This makes it easy for me to reach into my purse for something if needed. I have come to really love this purse hook and rely on it while driving.

YETI Rambler

My YETI rambler is a staple and I love using it for my tea. The Rambler keeps my tea hot for up to 12 hours and it’s perfect when out running errands. I make my tea before heading out for the day and I can avoid buying tea from Starbucks. By making this a part of my routine, it’s a great way to save a few dollars. The Rambler is dishwasher safe and sleek.

Travel Jewelry Case

If you’re a jewelry lover who likes to bring different pieces with you when you travel, this is the perfect addition to your packing accessories. I enjoy wearing different earrings and necklaces every day to match my outfit and it can be daunting to bring my desired pieces on vacation. Discovering this travel organizer was a game-changer for me as it made it much easier to organize everything. I could bring necklaces without worrying about tangles. There are many compartments to hold all you need from necklaces to bracelets to rings.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow

A travel pillow should have three main features: lightweight, easy to carry and soft. This pillow meets all those requirements and then some, it is quite ergonomic and comes at a great price. The pillow also comes with a carrying case that holds the pillow, and the included eye mask and earplugs. It cradles your neck perfectly allowing you to sleep with your head in various positions. It’s also easy to remove the insert and wash the casing, keeping your pillow clean and fresh.

Clear Acrylic Lipstick Case

Last but certainly not least on my list is these MAC Lipstick covers. These are the solution to every beauty makeup lover’s storage problem. Many people own acrylic lipstick storage, the issue with them is that you can’t tell your lipstick colour. I’ve tried storing them upside down so I could see the name of the lipsticks, but that didn’t work because the caps are rounded tops. One day I discovered these caps and they were life-changing. By changing the cap on my MAC lipsticks, I am able to see the colours, making it easier to get ready.

I hope you enjoyed my recap list of 2019 and I would love to know if you purchase any of these items and if you love them as much as I do. For more of my recommended products, check out my Shopping posts.