I recently received a Lily Jade Diaper Bag and I am in LOVE!!! I want to start using this diaper bag now but I will wait patiently until our little guy is here. Here is the Meggan in Black by Lily Jade.

Lily Jade is a family owned and operated company founded by Meggan Wood and her husband when she needed to find the “perfect” diaper bag that suited her love of handbags and could meet the needs of motherhood. When I stumbled upon these diaper bags, I felt like they were created just for me. The gorgeous designs and the ability to use them during my motherhood journey was truly heaven-sent. I was given the opportunity to choose from their large selection and I chose the large 21-pocket soft, full grain leather Meggan.

Lily Jade Meggan in Black

This purse diaper bag is everything and then some more. The interior has a large pocket with a zipper, a key clip, two inner pockets with a cellphone pocket. This doesn’t include the detachable, washable organizer and changing pad. The outside has a large front pocket that easily fits a cell phone and two side pockets, all with magnetic closures that prevent your valuables from falling out. The detachable organizer insert is perfect because it has so many little compartments that can help you stay organized. If you are anything like me, its very easy for your purse to become disorganized and this should prevent that from happening.

Lily Jade Meggan in Black with insert

Interior with insert

Interior without insert

Lily Jade Meggan in Black interior

It’s easy to see how big this bag is. It is even easier to imagine all the goodies you can pack within the compartments but here is the best part for me…it can be worn in three different ways!

This bag can be carried with two shoulder/hand straps,as a cross body tote and best for me…as a backpack!! This means hands-free living! I can only imagine how great this will be when carrying a little one. If there is anything I’m learning from my observation of parenting an infant, it is the importance of having free hands to interact with your little one whether it is for a feeding, a cuddle or whatever.



If you’re looking for a great sized diaper bag that can double as a bonus purse. Meggan is the bag for you!!! There are more bags to choose from if you are looking for something smaller or just different. Their collection comes in different sizes, colours and options. Be sure to check out their website for your own Lily Jade Bag!! These purses are a great investment! You can also see their products in action on their Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram page.

For more details on this gem of a bag, watch my YouTube review on it.