What is Your One Word for your year?

One Word 2021

For the last four years, I have chosen One Word to anchor my year and this year, I will be following the same plan.

My past words have been:

2017 – Confidence
2018 – Simplify
2019 – Grace and Completion
2020 – Accountability
2021 – ____

What is One Word?

If you’re not familiar with the One Word lifestyle, it is the practice of choosing a single word that will guide and direct your life for the next year. Rather than making a list of resolutions that you may or may not keep, you choose a word, and this One Word is your resolution. This practice challenges you to live your life anchored on your selected One Word. The goal is that by the end of the year, your One Word has become a part of you. With ONE WORD, YOU CAN CHANGE THE TRAJECTORY OF YOUR YEAR!

To learn more about the challenge, here are some great resources:

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What is my 2021 One Word?

one word


Definition: (noun) training that corrects, molds or perfects the mental faculties or moral character; (verb) to train or develop by instruction and exercise, especially in self-control.

The above-stated definitions of ‘discipline’ will anchor how I intend to live my year. To correct, mold or perfect my character and to develop my self-control.  

How Will I Live My One Word?

  • Spend less time doing unproductive things such as scrolling endlessly (we all know the mindless scrolling that happens once you open up your favourite social media network)
  • Plan out my purchases to avoid impulsive spending.
  • Cultivate new habits in place of my unproductive habits.
  • Regularly assess my goals and assess my non-essential decisions against my goals (does this decision get me closer to my goals?)
  • Plan out my day with specific goals and intentions.
  • Be consistent with my authenticity.
  • Take the time to acknowledge my successes.
  • Make corrections immediately instead of waiting for a new day.

What areas of my life need more discipline?

Shopping: Let’s be honest, I love shopping, and online shopping has become so easy and accessible, which is why I want to be more disciplined and intentional with what I buy. I want to plan out my purchases better and stick to a plan.

Social media: It’s so easy to spend hours online with nothing substantial to show for it. I don’t plan to eliminate social media because I enjoy it, but I plan to be more aware and disciplined of what I am consuming and why I am consuming it. 

Boundaries: 2020 was a year that taught me the importance of having boundaries that are respected. For many years, I had let people in my life disrespect my boundaries, but thanks to both the distancing brought forth by COVID and the self-reflection that ensued, I could re-establish my boundaries. This year, I want to be more disciplined in the relationships I engage with and ensure that my boundaries are respected while respecting others’ boundaries.

These are a few of the areas I can pinpoint that require more discipline. As the year goes on, I hope to become more attuned to other areas that need my attention and discipline. 

What is your ONE WORD TO CHANGE YOUR 2021? Let’s chat in the comments about some of your words and how you will hold yourself accountable through the year. 

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Discipline with self-discipline