Happy New Year everyone!!

It’s been far too long and that’s because I took a blogging and vlogging break to focus on growing my new business. This new year, I feel like I’m on stable ground and I have a better balancing act on life so this means…I’m back to blogging! Vlogging on our YouTube channel is still in the back seat because it requires a lot more time than I currently have right now. This post is to re-introduce myself in quick tidbits before we get back to our regular scheduled programming.


My son Alayo is now 21 months old! Oh how time flies when you’re having fun. He is such an amazing little guy and makes us laugh everyday. He definitely has his dad’s sense of humour but has my inability to control laughter, for this I’m happy lol. My husband and I are now in our 4th year of marriage! I can’t believe that happened so quick. We are grateful and blessed for all God has done for our little family.



I have been spending all my efforts and energy growing my business. What is my business? Well I dove into the planner community in 2016 and haven’t looked back. In my dive, I discovered my creative side and started a shop selling planner accessories/stickers. This has become my full-time gig and I receive so much fulfillment from seeing people love my work. If you’re into planning, follow my shop’s IG page and also check out my Etsy shop.



My health over 2017 was truly a blessing and I believe this year will be just as fantastic. There is a tiny glitch in that I have some procedures coming up over the next month, one of those being surgery. My family and I have been knee deep in prayer and prepraring for this as best as we can. We look forward to putting this little part behind us shortly.


That about covers it for now. Talk to you guys soon.