april favourite items

March was a busy month and I missed my chance to share my faves with you, but I’m here with my April faves. Check out the January and February lists for some other great items or shop my past faves.

This month’s list consists of some very functional items that I hope you enjoy.

Microfiber Neck Pillow: $$

travel pillow

Most people associate neck pillows with airplanes and travelling so did I until a recent girl’s trip. I noticed one of my friends had this pillow and used it nightly, out of curiosity, I had to inquire. She told me that it was amazing for sleeping, sitting in bed and long car rides. I went online and instantly ordered my pillow on Amazon. After using my neck pillow for over three weeks, I can confidently say I love it. I use my pillow nightly while sitting and reading in bed. It provides such ease and comfort to the “bed lean,” and it also avoids any headboard stains from leaning back with your hair against the headboard.  The cover is the silky smooth lining that minimizes any hair snags, hence helping you protect your hair while you sleep. This specific pillow comes in different colours so you can add comfort while still keeping with your bedroom aesthetic.


Cole Haan Pinch Weekender Sneakers: $$$

Weekender sneakers

Words cannot begin to express how these shoes stole my heart overnight! I was at Cole Haan looking at sandals when I decided to ask my friend (a store associate) to recommend comfortable loafers. She grabbed a pair of  Weekenders, I slipped them on and immediately bought them in the navy colour. I had these shoes for about a week before the snow melted away and I felt comfortable wearing loafers. Since the day I put these on, they have become a daily staple in my wardrobe and life.

The Pinch Weekender Sneakers are made of leather uppers with a rubber sole, and they are the most comfortable slip-on shoes I have ever owned. I plan on heading back to the store next month and buying a second pair as a backup.


PopSocket Grip: $

Phone grips

I purchased my first Popsocket grip out of sheer curiosity about a year ago, and I loved it but didn’t try to obtain more than one. Once I purchased a new phone case I felt that I needed a PopSocket to better match the style of my new case. In my search, I found many unique designs and it was hard to narrow it down to a couple. I ended up purchasing about 15 new grips. Why one person needs so many grips, I don’t know, but I suppose this same question can be asked about many consumer behaviours. In my case, I wanted the ability to change out my grips to match different activities and styles. Pop Grips can be switched out in two ways, by switching the complete grip or just the pop top.

If you head directly to the PopSocket website, you can create your PopSocket with custom images and colours. If you’re ready for something already created with quick shipping, then you’re better off ordering your grips from Amazon.


Weiman Jewelry Cleaner: $


Like many women who wear jewelry, it doesn’t take much time for clean jewelry to appear dirty. As part of my wedding ring warranty, I receive free cleanings. Recently, I decided to take the plunge and buy a jewelry cleaner (mainly because I needed $25 in my Amazon cart and it was only a few dollars). After cleaning my wedding ring once with this cleaner, I wanted to kick myself for not buying it sooner. Not only did this cleaner do a fantastic job but I felt that my ring was much cleaner than the jewelry store clean. I was able to take my time and clean all the crevices in a way that the store doesn’t.

The cleaner comes with a brush tool to get in the nooks and brush the gems. If you don’t own a jewelry cleaner, I implore you to buy one because you will find it an excellent $5 spent.

Flipster: FREE

Magazine app reader

I love magazines but I hate paying for magazines. Unless it’s a special edition magazine, most of them are fairly disposable. In comes Flipster, this app has been a lifesaver to my desires and budget. Most libraries have an online borrowing system and once you have a library card, you can use the Flipster app to read your favourite magazines. You won’t find every magazine in the app but you will find most popular magazines at your disposal. By using Flipster, you will save money and be able to explore magazines and topics at your fingertips.


Thank you for reading and I hope you find a few faves from my list. See you in a few weeks for my May faves!!