My baby boy is 4 months old!

Here is a quick baby update with a template from Anna Saconne.

Height/Weight: About 12lbs and 26 inches.

Routine: He wakes up for the day around 6:30/7, eats and plays for an hour or so before taking his first nap. His bedtime is around 9pm (give or take an hour lol depends on what we are doing that evening). He is able to self-soothe and put himself to sleep.

Sleeping: He sleeps through the night and usually takes one “good” (>1hr) nap a day a few 10-15 min naps here and there.

Eating/Feeding: He is formula-fed and has about 4-5oz every 2-3 hours with the exception of nighttime.

Sizes: Alayo is wearing 3-6 months clothing both in pants, tops/onesies and sleepers. We’re moving up to size 2 in diapers as soon as we finish the open size 1 box we have.

Milestones: He smiles a lot now and laughs by himself or in response to others. He likes to people-watch and follow people around the room with his eyes. He enjoys bringing toys up to his mouth and just started rolling over today!