Wow!! I can’t believe it’s been 20 weeks already. Feels like just yesterday that we found out we were pregnant with our rainbow baby. Time sure flies!

I wanted to document this journey since Day 1 but life got in the way. Today, I am recommitting myself to devoting more energy to my baby and less to the distractions in life. It’s funny how you can want something so bad, yet when it comes you let life get in the way of your ability to truly enjoy and savour every moment. I’m going to include information from this point on and if I remember things from the first half of my pregnancy, I’ll create random posts to address them.

So let’s begin!





How far along? 20 weeks

Total weight gain/measurements: 3lbs!

Clothing: I recently re-discovered these Victoria’s Secret workout pants in my closet. I wore them in the first few weeks of pregnancy but not since then and when I put them on today, I felt like I was wrapped in a piece of heaven. They are the perfect stretch and softness. Also wearing a maternity shirt from ThredUp. I’m wearing my latest maternity bra…..up to a 34DDD (from a 32DD)!!!!

Stretch marks? None!! I’m using my personal beauty product line “Naomi Body Shea Body Butter”.

Sleep: I sleep with my snoogle pillow nightly and find I’m starting to wake up whenever I’m positioned on my back.

Purchases: I’ve been good and haven’t purchased any more baby items. However, I’ve purchased some maternity pants because I’m finally throwing in the towel on my pants and belly band. I bought 1 black dress pants and 1 pair of blue jeans from motherhood Maternity, and a red dress to wear to the work Christmas dinner.

Highlight of the week: Seeing baby via ultrasound was precious and confirming that we are having a little BOY!!

Worst moment this week: Dealing with work drama.

Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach and drinking wine.

Movement: Daily. We have two main active times, around lunch between 12-2 and in the evening between 7-10.

Food cravings: Nothing

Food Aversions: Nope

Gender: BOY!

Labour signs: Nope

Symptoms: Nothing much. A lack of appetite and feeling overfull when I eat.

Belly button in or out? Out. It’s been out since around week 12

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Emotions: I haven’t noticed any emotional changes recently but I’m sure my husband would beg to differ. Lol

Looking forward to: Our next doctor’s ultrasound when we get to see the baby. Starting the nursery over the next few weeks and CHRISTMAS!!!!